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Dr. Maria Womack

Professor of physics and astronomy

Olga Harrington Pinto

UCF doctoral candidate in physics

           Previous Team Members


Kacper Wierzchos, Ph.D. 2019 USF Applied Physics, now at Catalina Sky Survey.

Nic Pichette, B.S. physics, USF, graduate study Montana State U.

Sharlene Cruz-Gonzalez, physics major, USF

Olivia Curtis, B.S. physics and mathematics USF, graduate study Boston U.

Nathan Lastra,  B.S. physics 2018 USF, graduate program Bowling Green State University

Sebastian Lende, summer research 2018, physics major at Vanderbilt U.

Charles Mentzer, B.S. physics 2018, graduate student U. Missouri

Nicholas Ruffini, B.S. physics 2017 USF, graduate study Monash U.

Chloë Jackson, physics major USF

Anthony Micchiche, transferred to FSU

Isabel Rivera, B.S. physics 2017 USF, McKnight fellow, graduate program, UCF

Timothy Cox, B.S. physics 2017 USF

Ryan Mack, B.A. physics and math USF 2017


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